Black and White Black and White The Doge's Palace The Doge's Palace, Venice 180732360 L'ultima fatica The last labour before returning to home and hearth. 180732367 Il Pescatore solitario Fishing in the peace of dawn 180732362 Before going home At play before going home at the end of the day 180732357 Colori di Sicilia Remembering the artist's homeland 180732358 L'Amore An image of our Lord 180732364 Ponte di Rialto Ponte di Rialto, Venice 180732356 L'autunno del vita Together into the autumn of life 180732365 Legamne continuo The unbreakable bond between a mother and her child 180732366 Sutera; Rabato antico Where the artist as a child spent may a long summer at her grand parent's house. 180732370 Laguna The Venice Laguna 180732363 Luninescence A village in Southern Italy at dusk 180732368 Memorie D'estate Cefalu', Sicily, on a summer's day 180732369 Fiori Flowers 180732372 Un pomeriggio di giugno all'aperto An afternoon in June in the English countryside 180732371 Verde Sentiero The Tuscan countryside at its best. 180732373 Disperazione An emotion that everywoman experiences at least once in her lifetime. 180732359 Vista su Positano A view of Positano, Italy 180732374 Il Campanile The bell tower at St Mark's Square, Venice 180732361 Horizon 187439661