Loredana  Messina  -  Fine Art


  Oil  painting

About the artist

Loredana Messina, was born in Palermo, Sicily. She was a pupil at the Maria Adelaide public school progressing to study Law at the University of Palermo. She currently lives in London from where she teaches Italian.  Her passion for art has become her great interest in life.

She is a self taught artist whose art started in the expressionist painting genre progressing into textile printing. Her art is realized on different media and printed on various fabrics (cotton, silk, etc.), creating highly appreciated designs.

Landscapes, seascapes and street scenes are Loredana’s favoured subjects which she portrays with great spontaneity to immediately evoke magical vibrations and fresh atmospheres. Her works are formally casual, with delicate colours that play and live freely in their own rhythm, providing spacious musical horizons, full of charm and intimate emotions.

The artist has a clean and modular style, with a fluid and secure gestured capacity to convey an extraordinary, spontaneous and instinctive serenity. Recently, her creativity has lead her into the world of abstractionism where her strong and contrasting colour bands give free reign to her imagination.

While over the years Loredana has concentrated on commission work, lately she has resolved to make herself more visible in the art world. In 2013 Loredana was invited to participate, and then became a commission selected finalist, in the International Art Competition organized by the Taiwan International Contemporary Arts Association. Her two commission selected works can be viewed by following this link:  http://www.arts.org.tw/2013/eng/result.html   

Manifestly, the selected works, known as “Sutera: Rabato Antico” and “Villaggio Antico” are also published on this site. The originals of the two works were on show from 3rd to 6th May 2013 at the Taipei A.R.T Revolution show held at the Taipei World Trade Centre.

Further international presence has been bestowed upon the artist in exhibitions and on contemporary art sites in North America, Germany and Australia that have both curated and featured a number of her works giving her pride of place on the front page.

The artist remarks that while painting has provided her manifold satisfaction over the years, she realizes that it is time to embark on new ventures.  Firstly in making her work more widely visible and secondly by harnessing digital technology to compliment the classical oil on canvas base and so produce re-mastered mixed media and abstract paintings giving rise to fresh, young and contemporary work. 

Lately the artist has become established in the printed textile sector with her works being reproduced on silk, cotton, etc to produce creative dresses, scarves and other items of clothing. Cited by the specialized press, her works appear in various public and private collections.  Her works have always attracted great attention and sincere admiration for both chromatic finesse and compositional gesture.

Some of her works are in private collections in America, Europe and the Far East.

 Some of Loredana's recent exhibitions:-


October        An evening dress featuring my design, "An iconic bridge"on show in Venice

                       presented by B&20 Events

September   Presentation of my designs at Milano Fashion Week organized by Paolo Distaso 

                       and B&20 Events

July               Exhibition "The great Italian art in London" at The Crypt Galley, London  

                       organized by Spoleto Arte

July               Paolo Distaso and B&20 Events showcase my designs in Monte Carlo.

July               Presentation in London of my new designs for Spring/Summer 2019 collection


25 Sept           Inaugural presentation of my designs at Milan Fashion Week, FIFTYFIVE 55,

                         Milan, Italy 

15-20 Jul       Venice Biennale 2017 at the studio of the late Emilio Vedova, Artist.

3-28 June        International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "WORLD WIDE ART SHOW -

                          NEW YORK CITY  2017,      New York                                    

8 June            Run for the Cure Foundation, Italian Embassy, Tokyo

22 April to     Solo Exhibition at Globalart Gallery, Bari, Italy

5  May

March             Exhibition “ La solitudine nell'era della comunicazione” at Bari, Italy

Dec 16 to        Exhibition GlobalArt at Comune di Caiazzo, Caserta, Italy

Jan 17 

Oct  to              Three month exhibition at Le Dame Gallery, London

Jan 17 


Nov.               Exhibition “Sfida tra talenti 2016” Bari, Italy

Sept.               Part 4 Festival International Globalart at Castello Angioino di Mola -Ba

Sept.               Part 3 Festival International Globalart at Torre Pelosa (Ba)

Sept.                Part 2 Festival International Globalart at Castello Svevo di Termoli

July                 Exhibition Global Party - Part 1 International Festival at Torre a Mare (Ba);

                         Curated by Dr Rosa Di Donna

June to           Exhibition at Le Dame Gallery at Melia White House Hotel-London


March -          International Art Exhibition “Il narcisismo e l’incapacita’ di amare.

April                Il piacere di amare fino a confondersi” at Globalart Gallery

                         Joint First prize for expressionism awarded for the painting "Trust Who?"


February        Exhibition “Sfida tra talenti” at the Globalart Gallery, Bari


December      IV Festival: GLOBALART INTERNAZIONALE D'ARTE , curated by  

                         Dr Rosa Didonna- at  Maccaroneria Di Gragnano  (NA )

October          Exhibition “ Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre”, Palais Royal, Musée du Louvre-                            Paris

Sept                  International Contemporary Art Exhibition at Castello Svevo, Termoli- Italy,                                   curated by Rosa Didonna

August             To mark Expo 2015 Exhibition at the atelier of Maestro Aniello Saravo 

                            in BRERA- Milan

May                 “Pensieri per L’arte” collective exhibition at  Casa del Rigoletto,  Mantova   

March            Prized contestant at the International Competition, Solito Posto  Solita Ora,

                         held at  the Globalart Gallery, Noicattaro, Bari     


March            Painting “Colourburst” is published in the book “Pensieri Per L’arte” written by 

                         Marta Lock 


December     Exhibition of International Contemporary Arts “Joyful  Colors  4   Christmas” ,

                        at Domus Romana, Rome    

November    “Punti di vista” International Exhibition of Contemporary Art at  Complesso Dei

                        Dioscuri, Quirinale, Rome 

October        Collective exhibition “Shades  of art”, at Emmediarte, Santo Stefano Belbo,

                       Cuneo, Italy   

August           Exhibition of contemporary art, “SIGISMUND, ANNO DELL’INCONTRO

                        EUROPEO”, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Concil of Constance

                        (1414) in the exhibition hall: BURGERSAAL- St.-Stephans-PLatz.  Konstanz,


April              Collective Art Exhibition, “Color Immersion”, at Domus Talenti, Rome

March           Collective Art Exhibition, “Percorsi D’arte”, at Complesso Museale L’Agostiniana,

                       Piazza del Popolo, Rome       

February       Collective Art Exhibition,“ArteINSanremo” at the Teatro Ariston, Sanremo,


January          Collective Art Exhibition, Mani Per Creare, at Spazi 85, Rome


December       Art Carousel, Contemporary Art Exhibition, London  

June                Collective “Affordable Arts Exhibition” at Vibe Gallery, London.  

May                 Finalist at Taipei International Contemporary Art Competition organized by

                         the Taiwan International Contemporary Arts Association and exhibition at

                         the Taipei World Trade Centre